Agenda for Forum no. 34 on Monday 11th November 2019

Minutes of Mtg 33:

Issued and accepted as read.

Agenda points for discussion tonight:

a) C.J. welcome to new members

b) C.J. Up-date of MSF website

c) R.N. Read out letter to Neil Bauser

d) R.N. Family Zone Concourse – congestion issues / slow service / toilets.

f ) R.N. Ticket issues – E-tkts by phone – QPR offer E-season cards – Tkt offers

at Huddersfield & match stats .

Matters arising and including issues from mtg. 33.

1) MFC Foundation. (Alan Geddes) Re- the “Football Welcome” initiative. PH & DR (Red Army ) contacted AG & offered to provide a local team to play Alan’s team . TBA. Hope to get a couple of “guest” local players. REMINDER: Question of Sport Fundraiser Quiz on Tuesday 3rd December at Riverside stadium.

2) C.J: Financial Fair Play. MSF support for SG action minuted.

3) R.N: Letter for reciprocal away ticket pricing in EFL. Has there been any further progress

on this issue – or will there be?

4) MDSA: Letter from Paul Sandbach re – parking issue as mentioned in mtg 33.

Paddy C. pursued issue with Ticket Mgr . Checks carried out into availability not being used in car parks in accord with disabled reservations. A reserved space has been allocated in car

Park “C” for Mr. S. He phoned P.H. to say MFC had solved his problem and passed on thanks to MSF and to MFC ticketing people too.

5) CW: Foodbank prior to HULL CITY game from 10.00am to Noon k.o. 24th. November. Please promote this across all forms of media available to your groups over the next 2 weeks. Caroline will be contacting all local media – if you need any help – ask and we will try to open as many doors as possible for you to help make this our BIGGEST & BEST collection so far. Just in time for Christmas. Can MFC DO A PIECE IN THE PROGRAMME FOR FUTURE FOOD-BANK GAMES PLEASE? Suggestion for M.Page previous match day publicity link for future?

6) PH: Mark Shalliker:- Safety issue for wheelchair access / egress. Any progress.

Any other business:-

1) CJ & CW: Safe Standing: Any response / update statement from Govt Sports Minister.

2) CJ: Concourse Heating: Any updates.

3) R.N: Fan survey discussion – MFC – no info to MSF yet. Important discussion point.

4) C.W: / R.N: Facial recognition used in public areas / stadium environs. Our letter to Police .

5) R.N: Ball Boys. MFC is 47% game time for ball in play. Highlighted 3rd bottom

of Championship clubs.

6) C.J: CJ: Letter from FSA.



Future meetings:- December 9th at 6.30pm at The Riverside Stadium.

Thanks to YF.